Finance Council

The Finance Council consists of 6 to 12 members of the parish who are either elected or appointed by the Pastor. The Finance Council is required by the Bishop for all parishes. All of the members are skilled in business matters and have great integrity. Members serve a 3 year term, renewable for 1 additional term. At least 1 member must be an active member of Parish Council.

The Finance Council's responsibilities:

  • assist the Pastor in planning and supervising the Parish resources

  • prepare budgets for approval by Parish Council

  • give consent to funds spent on unbudgeted items

  • review, approve and sign the Annual Financial Report for the Parish

The St Therese Finance Council has 4 scheduled meetings per year. They meet on the 4th Thursday of February, May, August, and the 3rd Thursday of November. Special meetings may be called be the chairperson or the Pastor. Visitors must have business before the Council and be approved and invited by the chairperson or the Pastor.