Men's Fellowship

The Catholic Men's Fellowship is comprised of hundreds of men from all walks of life who meet regularly in small groups, often every other Saturday morning, in an informal setting. We pray for loved ones and friends in need, we share experiences in dealing with life's challenges, and we support each other in our attempts to deepen our relationship with the Lord.

At St Therese, we meet on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month in the Rectory Meeting Room. We begin at 7am and provide coffee and breakfast treats.

So what can you expect to happen at a group meeting?

  • Opening Prayer

  • Opening Song: yes, we do sing

  • Praise: The men are led in a quiet expression of praise to the Lord

  • Scripture: the upcoming Sunday readings are read by different men and comments on the readings are encouraged.

  • Discussion: Comments are "drawn out" relating to the readings. The Spirit moves men to listen, share, pray and open up to the Lord.

  • Spontaneous Witness: Members are encouraged to describe the Lord's action in their lives through family, friends, and work, as well as answers to prayers.

  • Business: A brief time for announcements or other business.

  • Closing Prayer

  • Celebrate 8:15 Mass

Please feel free to join us. All are WELCOME.